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Sweet home

Authors: T3 (David Riera, David Querol, Carlos Perales)

Work done for the festival Stipart 2004 / Barcelona

Installation refers to the  own introspection based on the emotional instability that a man  projects in the physical realm as is its own habitat, its own interior architecture. Architecture that acts as a refuge and often ends up being our own prison.

The procedure for carrying out the installation is based on the arrangement on the floor of the room,  a grid of  distribution of  the rooms following the model that is used when projecting an architectural plan, with its codes when representing the different meanings of each room, with its own particularities: its furniture, door openings, distribution, etc. Partitions are built on this plane  Through a rope, each partition is a rope that configures the space. It is through the string that the space is configured and given meaning. This acts as a common thread that accompanies us, guiding us like the young  Theseus was guided by the thread of Ariadne to defeat the labyrinth, connecting our interior,  our memories, desires, wounds, desires, with our own need to express ourselves, configuring ourselves individually. Each memory a knot, each experience another, so on until creating a network that traps us but also protects us, weaving our own construction of identity. The placement of a strobe light gives the installation a twilight air,  flashes that flood our memory with memories of what we were, are and perhaps we will never be. Lights that are installed in our brain to be guided like any Icarus with its shining wings towards an infinite sun.  

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