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Delimit / Limit Series

The conceptual proposal aims to explore the idea of "Delimit / Limit" from two ways of understanding the space that constitutes us as people: the interior space and the exterior.

The interior space is an intimate and private space. In this place, concepts such as exploration in one's own body come into play, as well as memory, childhood, dreams, injury, desire ...

The second field explores the limits in outdoor spaces.  places of collective memory and exchange.

The conceptual proposal is to approach the work in my body as the only reference. Through images captured by different means: from the scanner, the photographic camera to X-rays.  The catalytic idea is to formalize a new discourse, delve into the wound, texturize it, creating new architectures on the skin, the flesh and finally being able to confront them. The work also revolves around the idea of helplessness and the feeling of continuous loss of being contemporary in the face of absolute certainty  of the void towards which we are headed.

"Art is about the ability to express yourself, to express your intimate relationships, your unconscious, to configure the world sufficiently to be able to express yourself directly. All art comes from terrifying failures and terrifying needs that we have. It deals with the difficulty of being oneself"

                                                                                                   Louise bourgeois

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