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Meeting places: The house of water / the house of pain

Reflection work on the contemporary city and the contemporary subject.  A hybrid city that unfolds like a great mesh of networks where the experience of the contemporary subject unfolds.  A liquid city that spreads a constant dialogue between centers and peripheries.

Contemporary cartography will respond to the grammatical figure of oxymoron: a place that is a non-place, an identity as otherness, 'I am the other', Baudillard would say when faced with this dimension.

Place different "habitats" in strategic points of the city for use by its citizens. The current project focuses on two different "rooms", considering the possibility of further research in the process and in response to new types and materials.

The water house  and the house of pain are a response to this city locates, (meeting places). They act as a response to this new need for the contemporary subject. Apparently the two proposals have the same structure and shape, but this is solved with two different materials, which will change both the semantic sense and its purpose.

Places to meet us, where we can press our breath.  Places to meet, even if only with oneself.

Measures:  4 meters  40 cm high.

          5 meters 77 cm. Wide.

          6 meters long.

Located on a pond 18 meters in diameter and 3 meters deep with water and steam sprinklers that will create a mist.

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