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Light strategies

Conceptual memory

Intervene in the urban space. Contemporary culture is by definition an urban culture, a metropolitan condition.

The contemporary city is a diffuse, urbanistically uncontained territory, a liquid city  that grows in an unforeseeable way, unfolds.

The city grows from mutations, turning it into a ductile city. Ambivalent with a constant dialogue between the center and the periphery to generate another center-periphery in a city connected to many others. Place a cubic prism on the platforms of the Francia station for the use of the citizens who pass through it. The project will focus on the ability to isolate ourselves in dense spaces.

A train station. Create a room between  its platforms, corridors going and back to a thousand places,  an anchored space where you can enter and change your sensory appreciation. The room offers us two moments, one with light from the room, at that moment the piece in the center of the room is revealed as the important element, the other moment is when the light in the room is turned off, it is then that the light emitted by the piece gives the room a scenographic feeling, the perception has changed. What was not seen then is now revealed to us.

The exterior and the interior form a dialectic of division - as Bachelard points out in Obvious Geometry - They complement each other, they inform each other; one is never physically far from the other, there is a membrane of variable permeability between them. The horizontal exterior extends in the form of a mesh, the vertical interior, in extracts, striated space in the sense of Deluzze and Guattari, but the <dialectic of division> guarantees the Deleuzian option that although << the city is a striated place par excellence… the city is (also) the force that forms striations, that reimburses the uniform space, that is, the nomadic space where nothing completely coincides, and everything is interwoven or changes sides >>.

We hardly glimpse that this refuge in the station of France, finding the common in the different without erasing the character of being <different>.

Mobile homes, containers, temporary shelter solutions for refugees, these should be the answers to our contemporary problems, far better than those offered by the infringement architecture of magazines.

With this place I intend to plan and build a space in which life events, landmarks, can take place. Spaces are not built only with tangible elements (concrete, wood, glass) but also with intangibles (affections, memory), need and desire are two urban parameters.

Work description. Installation.

Variable measurement room, installation adapted to the place of exhibition. With white walls and ceiling. In the center of the room is placed the object sculpture, a cube (35x 34x 25 cm) made of oxidized iron. 2 mm diameter holes are drilled on each face of the cube through which the light emitted from a bulb located inside will be filtered. The cube will be on a 1 meter high base, also painted white like the rest of the walls of the room.

The room will have an electronic device that turns the room light on and off at 30-second intervals. During the interval of light on, the cube and its materiality will be the only element of attention for the viewer. By cons, during the light interval  off, the iron cube will dematerialize to our vision, gaining importance  light reflected on the rectangular walls of the showroom, which will collect the light, enveloping the viewer in a scenographic sensation different from that experienced during the light interval.

- Title: <Visions interrupted>

- Materials: -Central piece: Steel, Wooden base, halogen light. Dimensions: 0.34x 0.35x 0.25 cm. Wooden base: 1.10 cm high.

             -Structure: Chipboard, concrete, Bituminous sheets, wooden beams. Promeda for exterior cladding.

-Installation: Closed space. Room light timer.

-Dimensions:  - External measurements:  5.90 m wide.

                                    4.65 m long.

                                    4.25 m Height.

                 - Part:  0.34cm x 0.35cm x 0.25cm

                 - Base: 1.10 cm height


maqueta-2 001.jpg
maqueta-2 024.jpg

The light in the room consists of a timer that alters the perception of the room. Every 15 minutes the light changes, off-on, giving a different sensory sensation of the architectural space that surrounds us.  For optimal observation it is recommended to keep the room door closed.

maqueta-2 025.jpg
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