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The Fallen Angel (of how I grew wings) 

To all those who died.

"Vertigo always tempts me, it seems to me that angels have torn off their wings in the sky to expel me from the world. Suso reveals in his autobiography that with his  metal punch the name of Jesus was engraved at the height of the heart. The blood did not flow in vain, because soon he discovered a light in those letters and covered them so that no one could see them. What would I write at the height of my heart? Surely: unhappiness and Suso's surprise would be repeated several centuries later for the simple fact  that the devil had a light as an emblem ... In this way, the human heart would become the luminous proclamation of satan. "
                                                                      Emil cioran
IMG_0065 (2).JPG

Materials: - Aluminum

            - Polyester resin

            - Seeds and organic elements

            - Silkscreen transparencies

            - Fluorescent

Measures:     - 17 cm wide

            - 95 cm long

            - 31 cm tall 

Placement of the piece: placed on the wall of a room with very dim lighting

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